Review of “Pagan Bushcraft” by S.P.H. Young

Sean is an engaging and informative author who never fails to entertain and this small but incredibly interesting book from him is no different to anything else he’s written.

His work here invites you to get outside and really engage with nature through Pagan practices. With chapters from cutting tools in ritual and religion to traditional folk customs, this superb little book manages to bring forward appreciation and connection with not only the nature around us but also with our own nature and the very human need to create.

I really enjoyed the little projects that are at the end of each chapter. All really easy for anyone to have a go at with lots of guidance and information on how to successfully achieve them. I’m hard pushed to pick my favourite because they were all great fun and useful to my own practice.

I also liked the tips on the safe use of blades and knives throughout the book when you’re completing the projects as well as the appendix on knife skills which goes into much more detail.

All in all, a super useful and enjoyable book that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to make crafting with natural materials a part of their Pagan practice.

Bright blessings,

Sarah x

Review of “In Search of the New Forest Coven” by Philip Heselton

I was excited to read Philip’s newest book after reading his biography of Doreen Valiente a few years ago. His style of writing really pulls you into the story he’s telling because it brings the people and places he describes to life as well as it feeling relaxed and personal, just like a conversation. I can tell you I was not disappointed when I read this!

The lives of each person, the places they lived and the connections they shared have been researched meticulously. His descriptions brought them to life for me right there on the pages in front of me and I excitedly followed the hunt for the group of people who were responsible for bringing Gerald Gardner into the world of witchcraft and in turn creating the path of Wicca.

I thoroughly recommend giving this book a read, especially if you are interested in the rich tapestry of history that leads us to what Wicca is today.

Bright blessings,

Sarah x

Review of “Katy Hunter and the Magic Star” by Moira Hodgkinson

Moira is a superb author and I was not disappointed when I picked up this delightful little tale of magic. It might well have been written for children and young people but I couldn’t put it down!

Katy Hunter is an inquisitive young person intent on exploring her world and figuring out what’s going on around her. What is going on around her though? Strange happenings lead her to play detective as any awesome nearly teen would and has a blast exploring her new home while she’s at it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Katy’s story and would recommend it to any young person. Moira brought Katy and her family to life right there on the page and I (my inner child especially!) really hope there’s more instalments to come in the future.

Bright blessings,

Sarah x

Review of “Otherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the Land” by Chris Allaun

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this up. I hadn’t read any blurb nor seen any of Chris’ previous three books. The only thing I did know was that the title intrigued me and I wanted to know more. Following spending most of the last year in lockdown with my son who has been shielding from the current pandemic situation, my own path has definitely become more focused on the land immediately around me and so I was interested to see what I could learn.

I was led on an interesting journey of discovery thanks to a great combination of useful information and practical exercise that helped me to focus on discovering, working with and honouring the spirits of the land from Mother Earth to faeries and dragons. There’s something here for everyone whether they have lots of experience or are a complete beginner and the exercises really help you to explore the possibilities presented in a practical way.

I particularly enjoyed the chapters on ecstatic dance and Seidr sorcery, both of which contained techniques for deeper and more enriched relationships with earth spirits all explained in plain language that is easy to understand and follow.

I may not have encountered Chris’ work before now but I can say that after reading this I will definitely be buying his other three books.

Bright blessings,

Sarah x

Review of “Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder” by Candia and Tony McKormack

I absolutely love the music of Inkubus Sukkubus and so when they wrote a book exploring their lyrics I was excited to give it a read. I can tell you I was not disappointed!

The book came with a 13 track CD and I was also fortunate to have it signed and receive one of their hand-printed bookmarks along with the book which is super cute! 😊

The 13 chapters take a walk through some of the most fabulous tales taken from around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with all the stories in the book linking to a track on the CD. It makes for a hauntingly good read if you listen along at the same time as reading the book.

I loved every tale in this book, each one enchanting and rich in magic, perfect for captivating the imagination and sense of wonder. My particular favourite is The Datura Dreamer, tale number 6. It tells the story of Lucida, her garden and a summer of wild abandonment which ends all too soon but I highly recommend you give it a read/listen and choose your own!