Welcome to my Studio

Reawakening your Inner Magic and Healing
for a Healthy Soul

Sarah Kerr

Soul Sorceress

I’ve been a practising eclectic Pagan Witch for twenty five years and a healer for almost twenty years. Over those years, through my knowledge and experience of nature, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their souls from meaningless and empty to thriving and meaningful – including myself!

How Can I Help?

Do you feel somehow “less than” and powerless?
Soul Sorcery helps you to feel empowered.

Do you want to explore your true nature?
Natural magic takes you on a journey of discovery to uncover the real you.

Do you feel disconnected from life?
Exploration of nature and the magic it holds is the key to feeling truly connected.

Confused about your purpose?
Soul sorcery supports you while you take a journey of discovery.

Do you crave a space where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
Soul Studio was built especially to give you a safe space to take a moment for yourself.

Keep scrolling to find out about my services…….


Soul Sorcery Clinic

Magical Healing Intensive Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship &
Bespoke Healing Programs



Soul Sorcery Community

Safe shared spaces for sharing connection, healing and magic



The Apothecary

Coming Soon!

Downloads, Recipes and Magical Items 









Peer Support

Healers and magical practitioners need support too!

Join the Soul Studio peer support community and connect with like minded people for conversation, learning and kinship.








Masterclasses, Courses & Workshops

Masterclasses, Courses and Workshops
are incoming for 2022.
Watch this space!!  









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