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I Teach Magical Healing
for a Healthy Soul

Sarah Kerr

Soul Sorceress

I’ve been a practising eclectic Pagan Witch for twenty five years and a healer for almost twenty years. Over those years, through my knowledge and experience of nature, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their souls from meaningless and empty to thriving and meaningful – including myself!

How Can I Help?

Do you feel somehow “less than” and powerless?
Soul Sorcery can help with that.

Do you want to explore your true nature?
Natural magic can take you on a journey of discovery.

Do you feel disconnected from life?
Connection can be found in nature.

Confused about your purpose?
Soul work can support you while you discover your path.

Do you crave a space where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
You can find that here.

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One to One with Me

Power Hours &
Individual Programs



Community Magic

Safe shared spaces for sharing, healing and magic




Masterclasses are
COMING in 2022!










Peer Support

As a healer that initially trained a long time ago, I know that having people to talk to is a huge help to my practice. It helps me to refine the treatments I offer, furthers my experiences and exposes me to new ideas and concepts. It can also be a hard job that takes it toll on you mentally and emotionally so having someone to listen when you have cases that affect you personally is a huge help.

I have made space here at the studio for the support healers need for the benefit of all my peers in the healing world. 


Courses & Workshops

Courses and Workshops
are incoming for 2022.
Watch this space!!








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