Welcome to my studio, a place for.......

Soul Studio is an amazing and beautiful space which I have specifically created to be a magickal home for your healing and spiritual exploration of everything esoteric, occult and simply magickal.

Located in the back garden of my home in Derbyshire, it’s an experience unlike any other with indoor trees, starry skies and magick in every corner. It’s a sanctuary designed to relax and inspire.

Soul Studio Ethos
Above all else, I value inclusivity and safety. They are incredibly important to me so as much as this is a space of magick and healing, it is also a space that is safe for everyone. A warm welcome for all is assured whether you are new to magick and energy work or you’re a seasoned veteran.

You can also be reassured that anyone who violates these values won’t be welcome at the Studio.

Life throws all sorts of things at us. No matter what those things are, they undoubtedly shape who we become, the choices we make and our behaviour as we move through life.

Inevitably, at some point, we realise that we need to move past these things and we begin to seek healing for ourselves if we’re going to grow and move forward.

Twenty years ago, I began training as a healer. The journey that I’ve taken since then has not only helped me to heal myself, it has led me to believe that energy healing plays a vital role in any healing journey. It supports any other work we’re doing for ourselves whether we’re working on our body, our mind or our emotions.

Energy healing works on a subtle level to help us make the shifts we need to. It can help us find peace, calm the affects of stress and anxiety and ease pain.

Spiritual Exploration

Part of what I set up the Studio to do is to provide a place where people can find a community and explore their understanding and beliefs around nature and magick.

My own journey of spiritual exploration began in my mid teens. I was looking for “something”, a way to explain how I felt about the world around me and the things that had happened to me up to that point.

Exploring Paganism and Witchcraft gave me so much more. It gave me hope and healthy ways of coping when the world raged a storm in my life.

It gave me resilience, purpose and a community that spoke my language and helped me to feel like I belonged somewhere.

I’d love for you to join me!