Welcome to Sarah’s Soul Studio

Energy Healing with a Dash of Art and Magic

A safe space where people are empowered to heal and find their spiritual selves through healing, art, magic and connection to nature

Sarah Kerr

healer, artist & witch

 I have been a practising eclectic Pagan Witch for twenty five years and a healer for almost twenty years. I have extensive experience in a range of healing modalities, read both tarot & runes and lead a wide range of groups, workshops and courses.  


To empower people to find healing through discovery of their spiritual selves and the nature that they’re a part of and to do my part in creating a more connected and empowered world.


 A world full of empowered, connected people who value their part within the natural world and recognise their own magic.

Welcome to the Studio

How Can I Help?

Do you feel as if you need a break all the time but no amount of rest helps?
I can help with that.

Do you want to find your true nature?
I can take you on a journey of discovery.

Do you feel disconnected from life?
I can help you to find connection.

Confused about your purpose?
I can support you while you discover your path.

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Workshops & Courses

Available from March 2022, I will be offering both online and in person courses and workshops in a wide variety of subjects in the fields of healing, divination and magic. There’s something for everyone!


Circles & Groups

Our world is moving ever faster and it can be a struggle to stay connected with ourselves and with each other. 

Soul Studio Circles and Groups help facilitate the magic of connection and community……..





COMING in 2022!








Healer to healer

Peer Support

As a healer that initially trained a long time ago, I know that having people to talk to is a huge help to my practice. It helps me to refine the treatments I offer, furthers my experiences and exposes me to new ideas and concepts. It can also be a hard job that takes it toll on you mentally and emotionally so having someone to listen when you have cases that affect you personally is a huge help.

I have made space here at the studio for the support healers need for the benefit of all my peers in the healing world. 


Tarot & Rune


Tarot has been used for divination since the late 1700’s and is a useful tool for gaining insight into any life situation.

Rune reading is also an incredibly insightful way to gain understanding and find a way forward.



I offer a range of services to personal, business and corporate clients including space clearing and healing, attending events, giving talks and offering training.



Dowsing is an ancient practice used for millenia for a variety of reasons.

Whatever you are seeking, dowsing can provide insight and support.

What kind of magic can I help you with today?




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