About My Studio

A safe space where people are empowered to heal and find their spiritual selves through healing, art, magic and connection to nature


Established in 2006, Soul Studio has gone through many transformations over the years. Going from simply offering Reiki as a treatment to the range of services we have today has been an amazing journey. Will you join me for the next stage?


My Story

I trained as a Healer to be able to help my son, who was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition in 2004. I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with it! All my life I have been fascinated and deeply drawn to the natural world and all that lives within it so being able to use the natural world to help people heal and live their best lives was a somewhat “natural” progression to my first love. 


After having to reassess the way I work after Covid and not being able to work for over a year – I’m back with evolved treatments, services and educational offerings.


I opened a five room healing centre in Derbyshire with several amazing people joining me. Unfortunately, the building let us down and in 2013 I started working from a room in my home.


I opened my first healing room in Derbyshire offering just Reiki and herbal remedies moving to offering a mobile service by the end of that year.

About Me

Sarah Kerr

Healer & Witch

I can’t really say when it was that I knew I was a witch with a particular skill for healing. It might have been as a small girl as I spent time exploring local plant life and making potions from the grasses and flowers I found. It might have been when I stepped into the world of witchcraft through friends and recommended reading at the age of 15 or when I embarked on formal healing training at the age of 25 or it could have been at any point since then.

I think the answer is that my soul knew all along. I took any opportunity going to help someone who was hurting in some way from a very young age and felt the beautiful, soothing pull of nature in doing so. I knew that the beauty of a white rose handed with love to my grandmother could soothe her hurting heart and I knew that a simple hand to hold helped my grandfather as he battled a hereditary heart disease.

My outer self fought with the draw of healing and nature for far too long after I left school as I let people around me talk me into a life that I didn’t really want for myself and it was only my own son’s diagnosis at eighteen months with a genetic muscle wasting disorder that broke that spell for me.


Two nights after his diagnosis I had the most intense dream experience of my life involving ghost hunting, sleep paralysis and a terrifying lady who I now know to be The Morrigan. I was dreaming about hunting for spirit in an old hotel with my mum and some other people that I knew then I woke up – or thought I did but the reality was that I was stuck in between the worlds. She screamed in my face as I lay paralysed on the bed utterly convinced that she was there before me in person. I felt the spit from her mouth touch my cheeks and nose as she bellowed, and I was truly terrified as I never had been before. Somehow, through all that I still understood what it was and when I woke up properly, I only had one thought – that it was a scream with a message I couldn’t yet hear and didn’t yet understand. A few years later I would realise who it was and have the epiphany moment that she was calling me to her service.

Bizarrely over the time I had been outwardly denying my obvious witchiness, mainly because my partner at the time may have had me either locked up in a mental institution or tied me to a bonfire! I had also been secretly buying books on the occult, spellcraft and healing. I began to get them out when I could and read again, following my heart back to the books I had begun exploring as a young bullied teen whose favourite place was the library and yearning heart wanted to know seek something but didn’t know what that something was. Something changed in me and within weeks of picking up the books I had decided to leave and start my life afresh and this time I was determined to follow my heart wherever it led me.

It led me to herbal medicine, energy healing and generally to all things magical. I struggled with defining my path for a good while as when I had first read about paganism it mostly talked about Wicca so that’s what I learned. By the time I got back to my studies there was a new range of paths freely available and as an avid learner I didn’t know where to look first! In the end, and after a five-year retreat from life to learn about and heal myself deeply, I learned to take on board the things that spoke to me no matter which tradition or part of the world they came from. If it carried meaning for me then I brought it into my practice and still live by that today.

Now it’s time for me to share the space and understanding that has been created for me on my path so far.

What kind of magic can I help you with today? 




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