I absolutely love the music of Inkubus Sukkubus and so when they wrote a book exploring their lyrics I was excited to give it a read. I can tell you I was not disappointed!

The book came with a 13 track CD and I was also fortunate to have it signed and receive one of their hand-printed bookmarks along with the book which is super cute! 😊

The 13 chapters take a walk through some of the most fabulous tales taken from around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with all the stories in the book linking to a track on the CD. It makes for a hauntingly good read if you listen along at the same time as reading the book.

I loved every tale in this book, each one enchanting and rich in magic, perfect for captivating the imagination and sense of wonder. My particular favourite is The Datura Dreamer, tale number 6. It tells the story of Lucida, her garden and a summer of wild abandonment which ends all too soon but I highly recommend you give it a read/listen and choose your own!