Elder Moon Pagans began in 2019 but barely got going before the pandemic hit and we all had to stay at home. At the time it started, I was unsure what the goal of the group was and how it would move forward. Over the last few years, I’ve had lots of time to think about it and plenty of time for reading and gathering of ideas.

 One of the books I read was The Golden Bubble by Jean Williams, edited and contributed to by Liz Wigglesworth. 

Jean ran a group called Pagan Pathfinders for many years. Her goal was “to combine ancient methods of spiritual development with the modern techniques of inner exploration used in Humanistic Psychology, within a broad eclectic Pagan network.”

Reading The Golden Bubble not only excited me, it inspired me. Jean’s ideas very much echo my own, and her interests very much like my own too. When I read the part that encouraged others to follow a similar path I decided that is exactly what I would do with Elder Moon. 

My intentions are for Elder Moon to become a combination of Jean’s Pagan Pathfinders and my own eclectic range of knowledge and experiences. 

I invite you to join me if personal growth, adventure, nature and mysticism are your thing. 

All are welcome whether new to these kinds of interests or well experienced. All I ask is that you enter with an open mind and a willingness to take part. 

In the interests of accessibility, there is an in person moot as well as an online moot. Please be assured that you need not appear on camera should the online moot suit you best. 

If you are attending the in person moot, please feel free to bring food for sharing with the group.