I was fortunate to get to read this as a review copy and I was not disappointed! It was a great story that was very well written, featuring well developed characters interspersed with historical information and some supernatural treats.

The story was the perfect balance of real life and magical aspects, neither one overwhelming the other but both being integral to the tale. It’s clear that the author has done his research when it comes to the lives his characters would have lived and I love the factual references that feature all the way through about the Norse peoples and their ways of life.

The author has really achieved quite a lot with his work here and while it makes a great story on its own, it is also clear that this could become a well-loved series and so I hope that I will be able to travel with Halfdan and Thora again someday soon.

In short, if you like fantasy/historical stories then I recommend you pick it up!

Bright blessings,

Sarah x