I am a mother of four and unlikely to ever experience another pregnancy at this point in my life but this book still held a lot of interest for me as a mother who might help her own children through one of the most important and life-changing events they will ever go through during their lives. 

It is beautifully presented and sensitively written to include all the possible roller coaster aspects pregnancy can bring to someone and how they can be honoured and dealt with from a witchy perspective. It brought back memories of my own pregnancies and had me thinking how I might have experienced them differently had I have had a book such as this at my fingertips!

From the very beginning of considering pregnancy right through to birth and the very new post-partum world that can never be truly appreciated until it is experienced, this book takes your hand and helps you every step of the way to honour your path as much as prepare yourself in a spiritual way for the arrival of a new life. It approaches the concept of the unexpected events that can befall someone during the journey in an honourable and sensitive way helping to provide support as well as ideas of how to cope when these events cross our path.

I especially loved the creative format of this book which leads you to explore yourself as much as appropriate deity and how to follow the pregnancy journey from a spiritual aspect while supporting yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

Definitely a book that anyone who follows a goddess/Pagan/nature based path should think about picking up if they are thinking about having children and experiencing their pregnancy as a spiritual journey.

Bright blessings,

Sarah x