I get asked a lot what the benefits of energy healing are – indeed many wonder if there’s any point to it at all. Believe me I wouldn’t have put nearly fifteen years of my life into healing if I hadn’t seen its positive effects both for the people I have treated over the years and for myself.

In fact, for me, the difference between times of actively applying energy healing techinques and not using them at all have been all too easily identified. It has kept me sane, helped me to heal and shaped the way I think and feel in a positive way. It has helped pull me from the depths of grief and supported me while battling lifes challenges and the symptoms of complex PTSD. It’s not been everything that I have needed, for that I have had to spend time with doctors and mental health professionals but it has held me on that road safely and steadily all the way to today.

So how does energy healing achieve this? It has some delightful effects including:

  • Encouraging deep relaxtion
  • Bringing balance to both your mind and your emotions
  • Promoting feelings of calm, wellbeing and peace
  • Encourgaing and supporting positive personal life choices
  • Promoting a calmer response to life’s inevitable challenges
  • Working effectively alongside orthodox and traditional healthcare
  • Reiki especially is easily adapted for most conditions and is suitable for all ages, in any situation (apart from in a medical emergency, nothing should replace reliable urgent care when needed)

When I get off the couch after a healing, I can feel a subtle difference in myself from lying down at the beginning. Its a little like the subtle difference between glass when its cleaned, somehow I can see things a little clearer, my body feels better aligned and solid in its connection with the ground I stand on. I feel calm and able to cope for a good while after as well as being able to sleep a little easier. I find coping with my rather crazy family is less stressful and tiring and my focus is sharper.

The opposite is true when I don’t find time for it. I become fuzzy headed, emotional, stressed and I can get physically and mentally unwell if I ignore it for long enough. The same is true when I forget any of the other things I do to help myself stay whole and healthy.

I wouldn’t be without energy healing in my life now. I’ve known it with and without its influence and for me at least, its an essential part of my self-care.

Bright blessings,
Sarah x