We all share one thing in common – we have a physical body that is made up of interconnected systems, each with its own specialised function role in keeping us moving through life. Each cell has the primary job of helping us function in one way or another and it can only do that through an exchange of energy with other living beings. We can see this mirrored in our outside world too. Our communities are made up of people (cells) that have their own specialised jobs (each system’s function) that work together (the interconnected system) to ensure the whole community survives and moves forward with the job of moving life forward.

Under the surface of all life is a haze of different energies we are unable to perceive ourselves. We have our physical energy system, which works automatically every second of every day to keep us alive and as well as we physically can be, and we have our subtle energy systems that play a part in that network of interconnected systems. These energetic structures have been perceived all over the world, by many different people who come from some very different cultures. They all describe relatively similar systems though obviously using the language and culture unique to their place on earth.

We can learn to nourish the subtle systems we have just as much as we can the physical and energy healing is one way to help heal, maintain and nourish your subtle energy system. These systems are most commonly known as meridians, chakras and energy field or aura.  Very simply described they are the meridians – the channels through which subtle energies flow, the chakras – energy centres which work as gates for directing energy around the body as well and the energy field or aura – emits from your whole body, surrounding you like an egg shell working to protect you from the energies you don’t need to be taking on yourself. 

How we can do this is different for each person but there are a wide array of tools you can work with, each coming with its own subtle energy that can cause effect to our energy systems. It should be said here that there is as much that can cause harm to our systems as there is that can have a positive effect so tread slowly and with care. 

Bright blessings,
Sarah x