Healing tools are mostly thought of as things like crystals, pendulums, herbs, oils and the like – and that is very much true. I have explored several of them over the last decade and a half of being a healer and they truly amaze me each and every day when used with the right person, using the right technique and all at the right time for them to help them move forward.

There is a wider truth though and that is that a healing tool can be anything that provides help in someway or comfort and support when you need it. These items aren’t things we can’t do without, they’re things we call on when the time requires for them to help us through, soothe our hurts a little and provide a source of comfort that we can rely on. This means that not only can we use the commonly thought of items, we can also use therapeutic techniques, medicines, exercise, food and a myriad of other things to help support us while we deal with something that’s happening for us whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Some of the best healing tools I have ever known include things like childhood teddies and toys that stay with their now grown up owners, pictures of loved ones and favourite books and stories. All had the power to connect the person with them to another person in their life who they knew would hold and support them as well as giving them what they needed to get up and carry on again. Yet to anyone who did not know that person or item, it would just be another thing with no significance.

I’ll be exploring all the possible healing tools I can find over the coming weeks and months on my blog and in the articles I write, keep checking back for new things!

Bright blessings,
Sarah x