When most people talk about healing, they mean it in relation to a physical, mental or emotional issue. They use the word healing interchangeably with curing but they’re not quite the same thing. Curing is ridding someone of an illness or fixing an injury completely. Healing goes deeper than that and it doesn’t usually mean the absolute curing that is inferred. Rather while it can and does apply to all of those parts of us as humans, it can also apply to that intangible part of us. Immeasurable as yet to our scientists and the tools they have available, the human soul or spirit is a subtle, yet powerful, part of ourselves that can also need healing from time to time.

I am an energy healer, I work with the subtle energies that are the soul or spirit that exist within the dark spaces between our cells, muscles, blood and bone. These spaces house the rest of us, the part that makes us who we are but remains hidden from our limited vision. We feel it though and it is a powerful part of each of us.

The goal of this kind of healing is to heal the soul rather than the body or mind – those things are for medical and mental health professionals to specialise in. It means taking a journey that’s tough to travel no matter what damage has been accrued along the way so far. It can be lonely, life-changing and seemingly never-ending but it is worth it when you’re ready and the good news is that help is out there.

Healers are companions, facilitators and space creators. They’ve been on the journey too, indeed are still on it because it never truly leaves you. They understand how to make space for a soul to be heard, seen and honoured. They have explored the dark places and found their way out slaying both their demons and their own fears along the way using tools they picked up on the journey.

Healing is magical because it’s empowering and at the same time, soothing and supportive. It reconnects you to that bit of you that feels missing or lost somehow.. Working from the inside outwards, healing for your soul is just as essential in my eyes as seeking medical attention for an illness or a broken bone, or therapy for a poorly brain. It helps you to find your way in the world, feel happier and connected to life again. I use a lot of tools that many witches would recognise from their work too, such as crystals, aroma, sound, candles and colour – in fact anything from the world that might be useful to creating a space suitable for healing to happen.

I hope this clears up what is meant when we talk about healing in an alternative context to conventional therapy and treatments and I hope that if you need healing, you find it in whatever form makes sense to you.

Bright blessings,