Studio Offerings

My offerings are eclectic and varied, just as the things that have helped me over the years are. I am always learning so new services get added regularly as I grow and develop my path. Please take some time to explore the pages below and find something that calls to you.


Soul Studio Healing Room
My services include a wide range of treatments all with one thing in common – they are all energetic in their effects, working subtly but powerfully to help bring your spirit back to full health. From Reiki and crystal therapy to meditative journeys and other techniques, I can promise you’ll find something that both appeals and will help you.


Rune and Tarot Readings, available at Sarah's Soul Studio
If you need some guidance or have a question about a problem, situation or other life event, then choose a reading. I use tarot, runes and dowsing for my readings – tarot tell a story for you, runes tend to give you the blunt truth and dowsing can be very specific. Which one are you drawn to?


Online and in person, I have a good range of workshops available in a wide range of subjects with more being added regularly.


Are you looking for something more in depth than a brief workshop? This is where you can find formal Reiki training and much more.

Events & Groups

We have lots of opportunity here at the studio for meeting up with like minded people to explore the world of healing and pagan.