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Courses & Workshops


Available from March 2022, I will be offering both online and in person courses and workshops in a wide variety of subjects in the fields of healing, divination and magic. There’s something for everyone!

Healing 101

Everything you need to start out your healing journey

3 courses

Meditation & Mindfulness

Something for everyone from beginners to the experiened meditator

8 Courses


Learn about Reiki from it’s beginnings in Japan to how you can use it in your life and with others

10 Courses


Colour is an integral part of our lives, learn how to use it for healing, magic and more

5 Courses

Subtle Anatomy

Understand how subtle anatomy works and how it affects us

3 courses


Learn to use different different divination tools for a variety of uses

3 Courses


Learn how to use crystals for healing, magic and self-development

8 Courses

The Natural World

The natural world has a wealth of magic and healing within it, learn how to see and use it.

7 Courses


Witchcraft is such an extensive subject you could keep on adding to your knowledge for a whole lifetime. Explore some of that here.

5 courses

CPD Workshops

If you are a healer who wishes to extend their knowledge and services to their clients, check out our CPD workshops here. 

8 courses

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, would like to make any suggestions or ask a question contact me and I’ll do my best to help



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