Tarot & Rune Readings

Tarot has been used for divination since the late 1700’s and is a useful tool for gaining insight into any life situation.

Rune reading is also an incredibly insightful way to gain understanding and find a way forward.


Frequently Asked

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination called cartomancy which gained popularity in the 1700’s and has been used ever since for insight and clarification.

How does having a reading help?

Divination helps by providing clarity and insight into parts of events and situations that you cannot see. Whatever kind of reading you choose, it can help you move forward better informed and aware.

What are Runes?

Rune means “mystery” or “secret”. I use the Elder Futhark set which is an ancient Germanic alphabet. They can be used for divination and guidance as well as for writing.

How will I get my reading?

All tarot and rune readings are provided by email in a PDF file within 48 business hours of your booking being paid for.

What guarantee do I have of your ability?

I have been reading tarot for over 15 years and runes for over 4 years. I use them in my own personal life and practice as well as supporting others with them and have gained a level of proficiency through that practice that allows me to read for others.

*all readings will be completed and issued within 48 business hours of receipt of full payment

Disclaimer: Please note, in accordance with UK law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not in any way consitute professional, legal or medical advice. Please seek an appropriate professional if needed.



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