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The Benefits of Receiving an Energy Healing

I get asked a lot what the benefits of energy healing are - indeed many wonder if there's any point to it at all. Believe me I wouldn't have put nearly fifteen years of my life into healing if I hadn't seen its positive effects both for the people I have treated over...

Healing Tools

Healing tools are mostly thought of as things like crystals, pendulums, herbs, oils and the like - and that is very much true. I have explored several of them over the last decade and a half of being a healer and they truly amaze me each and every day when used with...

Subtle Anatomy

We all share one thing in common – we have a physical body that is made up of interconnected systems, each with its own specialised function role in keeping us moving through life. Each cell has the primary job of helping us function in one way or another and it can...

Healing Paths

On the subject of healing paths, I gather that most people would expect me to talk about the different disciplines of healing that are readily available out in the world right now - for example, most will have heard of Reiki, crystal healing, colour healing along with...

What is “Healing”

When most people talk about healing, they mean it in relation to a physical, mental or emotional issue. They use the word healing interchangeably with curing but they're not quite the same thing. Curing is ridding someone of an illness or fixing an injury completely....

What does Reiki mean to me?

As I’ve been back to teaching Reiki these last few months, I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my journey and how practising Reiki has helped me, shaped me and guided me in my life. I eventually got to the question above – what does it mean to me? It...

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