Dowsing is an ancient practice used for millenia for a variety of reasons.

Whatever you are seeking, dowsing can provide insight and support.


Frequently Asked

How can dowsing help me?

Dowsing has provided solutions and answers to humankind for millenia. It can provide deep insights into various aspects of life, your health and wellbeing or even help you find something you lost.

How does dowsing work?

The honest answer is no one really knows for sure. There are various theories and have been lots of attempts at finding out. I hope we’ll know the answer one day!

How can I get the most out of my reading?

The best answer to this is be as specific as you can be about the question you want answering or the insight you would like to gain from it.

How will I get my reading?

All dowsing readings are provided by email in a PDF file within 48 business hours of your booking being paid for.

What guarantee do I have of your ability?

I have been dowsing for fifteen years and have used it successfully for healing, searching, space clearing and divination. I also use it regularly in my own daily life and am a member of the British Society of Dowsers who subscribes to their Code of Ethics. You can view that at their website here

*all readings will be completed and issued within 48 business hours of receipt of full payment

Disclaimer: Please note, in accordance with UK law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not in any way consitute professional, legal or medical advice. Please seek an appropriate professional if needed.



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